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Hidden in Plain Sight  

Hidden in Plain Sight touches on the perceptual relationship between the visible and invisible, the cultural politics of being seen and the desire to hide. The project initially found its inspiration from a geological discovery made by Charles Darwin in 1831. As Darwin walked through the mountains of north Wales he discovered an unusual group of boulders in the glaciated cirque of Cwm Idwal. The boulders he surmised were Erratics and had migrated upon the ice flow some 12,000 years ago. This series is ongoing, and is created through a walking practice of wayfaring, of wandering without knowing through the mountains of Wales and Scotland.

“Our bodies are always in-between the spatial axis of front and back, left and right, above and below. There lies fundamentally an asymmetry of that which can be seen and is unseen. I can never see all the sides, faces or surfaces of a stone at the same time” 

Chris Tilly – From Body to Place to Landscape.


Darwin’s Boulders is a short film that plays with time and topographical folding. Cracked at its edges the felt experience is signalled through the labour of the hand and remerges to express a bodily experience looped in it own disappearance and reappearance.